Howe Farms

Crown Point, Indiana

Here at Howe Farms we only raise slow growth heritage breed pigs.   Heritage breeds are known for the quality of their meat. We raise our pigs in the woods and on pasture to produce richly colored moist pork, not the typical white meat.  These beautiful animals spend their time just being pigs.  We do NOT confine our animals or give them hormones.  Our woodlot pastures offer roots, bugs, leaves, nuts, and grasses for the pigs to munch on.  In addition, we feed snacks of NON-GMO, Corn-Free, Soy-Free grain to the pigs daily.  Our pigs enjoy their days roaming the woods, laying in the sun, and being loved by our entire family.  

Healthier Pigs = Healthier People

-Higher in Vitamin D, E, and Omega 3's

-Higher in Unsaturated Fat

-Higher in Heart Healthy Mono-saturated Fat

-High in beneficial minerals including zinc, copper, iron, and anti-oxidants

-Contain No Trans Fats




-Hormone Free

-Confinement Free